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GT Nuance is the brain child of producer and artist Roy Jazz Grant. Whereas 'GT' is  infused from the 'Grant Tribe' heartbeat of his musically driven family and 'Nuance' frames the differences in their musical abilities. GT Nuance allows for the group to feature specific artists as the mainframe for each recording project.


GT Nuance featuring Kaile Grant showcases the vocal talents of the eldest of the Grant Tribe daughters 'Kaile Grant'. Kaile was born into the music highway as she watched her father Roy Grant aka Roy Jazz Grant, in the studio during many late night sessions in her early childhood.


Kaile would go on to learn more about her inner desire to sing and share her vocal talents as her family moved to many different areas along the east coast. Over the years her passion for singing has opened up many opportunities for this young talent. Her father and producer shares ' She's a tiny package filled with mega vocal power'. 


The GT Nuance team has quite a few Club Smashers simmering in the lab with more sensational ideas brewing each day. 

GT Nuance Promo Pic
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