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Roy Jazz Grant

Roy launched Apt D4 Records in 2017 on a whim as he considered that locked away in  his computer back then, were a multitude of songs that he had never done anything with. 

The challenge became a quest as release after release, Roy would continue to expand his love for music and of course his fascination for House Music.

Roy Jazz Grant would soon become a household name in the homes of House Music Lovers all over the world.


5 years in the making and Apt D4 Records , under the direction of this soulful house loving husband, father, pastor ,  producer, entrepreneur and all around entertainer, is one of the most well known Soulful  House Recording Labels in the world. 


As Roy, continues to look into the future. He has finally started signing artists for single release contracts. There are some surprises coming out after the summer of 2021 that will be sure to continue to expand Apt D4 Records gifting to the House Music community. 

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