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He's back in the game.

Roy Jazz Grant hails from his home town of Jamaica Queens NYC and is a South Florida based House Music Producer.The smooth sounds of House Music Superstars MAW, Grant Nelson, Victor Simonelli and a handful of others lend to the influential backbone of this soulful house loving artist.

Roy is known for his work with his former partner and long time friend Brian Tappert of the world renowned Jazz-N-Groove franchise. In the early 90's Roy and Brian would release an onslaught of club bangers including 'We Can Make It' featuring the vocal talents of Moné, Ya-Hey, Agitate It and many others.

As time flew by Roy would take a break from music production to focus on his family and entertainment company. After years of entertaining all across the US, Roy would answer the special call to Children's ministry. He currently loves his role as the Children's Pastor at Church By The Glades in Coral Springs Florida. Roy says that family is the most important part of his life but God always must come first.

Still the production itch never stopped getting the attention of this musical wizard. With late night vibin and great anticipation, Roy jumped head first into the House Music gene pool embracing the House Head mantra of 'House Music All Night Long'. With the launch of his Record Label 'Apt D4 Records' and the rekindling of many former contacts and countless new ones. Roy is currently working on brand new Soulful House Hits and hopes to simply be a blessing to the House Music Family industry.

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