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Sing about LOVE

It’s January 2022 and Brooklyn’s finest aka DJ Muzikman Edition has just released an absolute show stopper entitled “ WE FOUND LOVE”. Whether you’re an old school Gamble and Huff flashback DJ or part of the Heavy D swag patrol, you’re bound to catch some feelings about this one.

This tune jams from the very beginning and keeps you wanting more all the way till the end. The Key Rub mix adds a new layer of funky sensation for that late night DJ interested in causing a let loose algorithm of jazzy, gospel organized ivory tickling banger vibe. DJ Muzikman Edition continues with his legendary HOME ALONE PARTY antics each and every Friday evening and Sunday on Twitch. It’s a party that you do not want to miss each and every week. The world of house music is blessed and grateful that he takes the time to share his love of soulful house music with all of us. We are all hoping that he continues this blessing to the syncopated kick drum world. Looking forward to many future productions from this Don in the coming new release season.

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