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As I've said before, it's been pretty amazing connecting with so many different DJ's and producers online.I had the pleasure of meeting Msolnusic a few months ago. He was such a friendly and humble dude. He reached out to me and we instantly vibed with each other. A few DM's later and I was in love with his style and his unique flavor. When he sent me this track something about it drew me in and the rest is history. I'm very excited for this opportunity to stretch across the air waves and sea to not only release another artist. But also the opportunity to create a new friendship. I know that this is only the first of many more to come from this UK Phenom!

Press Release

"Gotta Have It features the UK's very own Yorkshire based DJ / Producer Msolnusic. The original mix is wrapped up in a laid back piano syncopated time warp, sprinkled with ivory drizzle - embracing the classic 90's House Trumpet sound. The vocal samples pull you in toward the center of this groove with a self titled invite reminding you that you 'Gotta Have It'. Loving the classic sound of this mix.

Roy Jazz Grant zooms aboard this ship with his unique bouncy sound adding a completely different layer to this release on his remix."

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