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Ms Sasha Dias has arrived…

I started working with Sasha Dias a few months ago. Sasha is one of the worship leaders at Church By The Glades in Coral Springs Florida. Where I actually lead as the children’s pastor. Sasha’s love for God was very encouraging to see even in her dating life when she asked me to officiate the wedding of her and her beloved Marc McCalla. Watching the way she worshiped God, befriended my family and simply became a good family friend, opened the door for her and I to start this journey todays creating some meaningful House Music. Sasha began her singing performances as a Caribbean artist and has always had a love for music. Adding dance music to her extensive repertoire seemed like a walk in the park.

I was originally going to release this on my own record label however after speaking to a close life long brother and music business friend. He recommended that I shop it around to a few different labels. To my surprise there were quite a few that seemed happy about the opportunity to sign this release. After much prayer and advice, I accepted the chance to release “Abba Father” on Quantize Recordings owned an operated by the UK’s very own legendary DJ Spen. The release became a promo preorder on August 20th 2021 and is scheduled to be released in all online stores on August 27th 2021

Press Release

Quantize Recordings welcomes the talented Jamaica Queens’ producer Roy Jazz Grant and vocalist Sasha Dias to the fold with an amazing inspirational dance tune entitled “Abba Father”. Roy’s Original Mix is loaded with killer beats and smooth angelic melodies that pirouette around Sasha’s dreamy uplifting tones. It is a soulful house delight complete with musicianship that is second to none. This release also includes mixes from Greg Lewis, Thommy Davis and DJ Spen who team up to create an Afro influenced mix that expand on Roy’s beautifully executed production. “Abba Father” is a song that will entertain audiences around the world while giving thanks in praise!”

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