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UP COMING NEW RELEASE - Muzikman Edition

So ever since I started making my own music on Apt D4 Records. I never imagined that I would have anything released on another label much less take on the pressure of signing any artists. It’s so much easier to make mistakes on my own and not have anyone to blame or have anyone blame you for anything.

Working with friends or even family can be a strain on relationships too. Every-time money is involved it creates another layer of commitment that needs to be handled delicately.

Over this Covid year I ended up linking up with an incredible DJ / Producer out of NYC named

Muzikman Edition Aka Will Bagley. Will has been such an encouragement to me and this music we call house. Almost a year plus into solely connecting online and maybe a few times via text message. We are finally putting out a release together. You ever meet someone that you feel that you’ve know all of your life based solely on interests? He’s truly one of those people. It’s an incredible honor to facilitate this new release.

SHAFTED will be released in all online music services on August 27th. It’s current available as a promo preorder on Traxsource.

Muzikman Edition is also featured weekly on his HOME ALONE PARTY on Twitch. Each week over this Covid season he has signed on and entertained people from all over the world. We really have all become such a family on twitch. It’s something I look forward to each and every week.

Press Release

”Roy Jazz Grant teams up with Grammy Nominated Producer/DJ Muzikman Edition (MME) to present this timeless cut that may have escaped from the multiverse of House Music. The Zanzibar old school vibe morphed into the banging drum machine tight sound releases this monster dance floor ready vibe. This is one for the collector DJ.”

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Roy Jazz Grant
Roy Jazz Grant
20 Ağu 2021

So excited about this release.

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